Cookie Policy

General: uses cookies and similar technologies to personalise content, to provide social media features and to assist in analysing our number of users. This cookie policy is intended to inform you about the cookies we use and why we use them.   It also informs you how to manage your cookies and set restrictions on the types of cookies that are stored on your device.   This policy should be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy, which explains how we use personal information. Should you have any questions or comments related to the way we use cookies please contact us at


How we define a cookie?

Cookies are small data files placed on your computer/laptop or mobile device by websites in order to add functionality.  A cookie can be used to identify a user’s computer or internet enabled device to the website, or to other third party websites.  This allows websites to improve the way they work, such as remembering preferences expressed by a user or tracking a user’s use of a website for statistical analysis.


Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to improve all users experience and for optimum operation of the platform/website.


Types of Cookies and why we use them.

Various different types of cookies are used to run our platform and services including:


Essential cookies: 

We use cookies that are essential for the proper functioning and operation of our platform.  Our platform is unable to function correctly without these cookies. If you disable all cookies it will affect your ability to use our services. 


Functional cookies

We use functional cookies to personalise and improve your experience by making it easier and faster to navigate through our website.   Functional cookies enable us to retrieve your user preferences, personalise your visits and simplify any sign-in procedures. If we did not use cookies, you would be required to enter your login details every time you visited our site or navigated to a new page because we would not be able to remember that you had already logged in. This is avoided by the use of cookies.


Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies help us to understand how visitors gain access to or read our content and interact with our Services. We collect statistical information about our visitors, such as whether they have visited the site before and the pages they view.   We use these cookies to determine the kind of content and services our visitors value most, which in turn helps us to improve our website and its content. By understanding which content you find interesting, we can recommend similar content that you might like, as well as continuing to produce the most valuable content to meet your needs. 


Advertising cookies

Advertisers use third-party cookies for behavioural advertising. Advertisers can track a user on their device, when jumping from website to website by adding tags to a page. This helps build a profile for the user based on behaviours and habits, so advertisements can be targeted to their interests.

With recent privacy laws going into effect, any users have more control over advertisers tracking their behaviours, however, information we may disclose to advertisers and advertising networks is non-personally identifiable.


Cookie preferences

You may change your advertising cookie settings by visiting Google’s Ad Personalisation and/or your online choices.


Updating our policy

Our cookie policy may be updated from time to time to reflect any changes in data privacy or protection legislation. Notification of any changes in policy will be made available on our website and where necessary by sending relevant notification. 

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